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We are Not-for Profit Organisation with a focus on improving lives and helping the underprivileged especially families, children and youths

Who We Are

About Us

Elorah Foundation is committed to making positive contributions in communities and impacting people with God’s love. Our mission is to see God’s love spread in the hearts of men 

With contributions from partners and donors, we are reaching out to the needy and less privileged with love, hope and care through to our different outreach projects.

Our Projects


Education remains the bedrock of development of any society and we are supporting global education by providing scholarship opportunities for indigent students across several communities. Direct involvement in the education of the less privileged and organizing educational materials
and scholarship.

Creating outreach programmes that aid in providing clothes, food, and clean water to low-income families in the community as well as providing community day-care for families. As well as after-school tutoring programs.

Organizing youth programs that can assist students who lack the financial means to pursue their education.

We offer life skills sessions to help people go through life’s challenges and difficulties and to help them become better persons

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